Designed For Life On The Go!
Receive Answers To Your Essential Questions. Think Of This As A Fairy Godmother For Your Home.

I believe you are the type of individual who deeply cares about your environment and you want to enrich your home much the way you nurture your body and expand your spiritual development so I created “Feng Shui A La Carte” for you to experience the immediate benefits of Feng Shui.

This fairy godmother is ready to help you stop losing sleep over a poor bed placement or feeling frustrated from a blocking wall that hinders your career opportunities. Choose three “life situations” (ex. career, family, relationship, health, children, wealth, etc.) from the Bagua menu. In one hour I answer your questions answered and share a bonus of adjustments to design details that have been tripping you up plus you won’t have to tidy up your home. 

If you are a Feng Shui newbie, want interior design tips, have a limited budget or live half way around the globe, this service is designed to help you create positive change in your home and in your life.

Whether you live in a house, condo, apartment or tiny house, this one-to-one phone feature is suitable for everyone. Receive Ch’i building tools that set a solid foundation for minimizing stress. Take with you solutions that enliven your Ch’i, freeing you to focus on what you truly desire and care about. 

Want your life to be easier? Feng Shui A La Carte is simple, easy and delicious. Designed for your life on the go.

Here is how it works:
Formulate three wishes (and choose one more in the event we have time to address it). I have included the nine life situations from the Bagua Menu, the Template of Life, a revered Feng Shui system that I use in my services.

Template of Life

House: Wind/Fortunate Blessings/transformation of things
Wealth – what do you imagine in this life area that brings you joy and how may that bring fortunate blessings to you.
Ex. Manifest money for everyday expenses and wealth for the long term. Gain income from diverse resources. 

House: Earth/Relationship
Marriage/Relationship – relationship to everything but in particular to yourself and to a primary loved one.
Ex. Find your soul mate. Create a match made in heaven. Mend a broken relationship.

Tai Chi/ Center
Health -without our health we do not have energy to live life joyously. Is there something you would like to address in terms of your physical, emotional or spiritual health?
Ex. Take back your health, especially if its been compromised by one illness after another.

House: Water/Will, journey/path
Career – that which we do as our livelihood as well as how it brings satisfaction to our life.
Ex. Find a fulfilling career. Expand opportunities within your job.

House: Fire
Fame/Reputation – your relationship to your community: neighborhood, community center, church, office peers or spiritual group.
Ex. Be recognized in your field of endeavor. Become president of a service organization.

House: Thunder/East/Family elders, those who came before us.
Family/Support Groups – grandparents – examining family ties and friends.
Ex. Develop happy family relations where before there was conflict.

House: Lake/joy
Children – helping them develop. The way in which you express your passion and your ideas.
Ex. Ensure your children do well in school.

House: Heaven/Head/nervous system/Helpful people/friends
Helpful People/Travel/Benefactors – if self employed Helpful People are your clients. How do you help others?
Ex. Create the effortless ease of Heaven in your life. Travel. Develop a relationship with a mentor.

House: Mountain/like a cave
Knowledge/Self-Cultivation – going inward to understand ourselves better and our relationship to others and the world. Create a new partnership or stimulate your current relationship. Education. Ex. Earn a second degree. Learn to know yourself better through meditation.

Next email Place in the subject line: Feng Shui A la Carte. In the body of the email share what you want to address and include your phone number. Prepay $125 for one hour and mail nine red envelopes (will share address when we converse via email). You may pay by check or Paypal (friend to friend). We’ll set a date to talk. Mail or email a PDF of your home’s floor plan or a layout. I will share what design features correspond to your concerns.

There is no preliminary work, handouts nor follow up however you will receive what you seek and more. You may tape the session, definitely take notes. It is my pleasure to help you untangle what isn’t working. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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