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The aim of examining the topography and conditions of a site or a home is to determine if the “Feng Shui” expresses life force and the Ch’i flows smoothly. If a location lacks vital Ch’i, the Earth will show stress. Birds and wildlife maybe migrate to more fertile territory. The soil will not sustain the flora. The earth will appear barren, exposed, patchy and dry. One of the causes may be due to predecessor Ch’i that has depleted the land through abuse, overuse and violence. We can take it upon ourselves to restore and revitalize a site or home by nourishing the Ch’i with rice blessing ceremonies.

Rice is deeply ingrained in the Chinese culture. In ancient China it was one of the main foods. Rice symbolizes fertility, luck, wealth and is a link between Heaven (Gods) and Earth (Men). It represents the Tao, the balance of Yin and Yang as explained in Vital Breath of The Dao by Zhongxian Wu  “The common Chinese character for Qi (Ch’i – energy or breath) has the radical Mi (rice) at the bottom. In ancient China, rice was one of the main foods. The character Mi indicates the eight directions of the universe and the energy moving systems. It represents the flowing Qi between Heaven and Earth. In the classical Chinese medicine cannon, Huangdi Neijing, only thirteen formulas were recorded. Rice soup was the first formula and its function was to strengthen energy. Why rice? Because it grows in a water lace that holds high-quality Yin energy. It also needs good sunshine to gather Yang energy. Rice cannot grow everywhere in China. Rice is the symbol for nutrition. Water is the symbol for the pure Yin energy of the Earth; sun is the symbol for the pure Yang energy of Heaven.” Combined they are the Dao (Tao), their symbiosis is Qi.

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