Choosing The Right Hue For You!

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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way…”
–Georgia O’Keefe

Color touches upon every aspect of life and creates a meaningful impact on your surroundings. It nurtures your health, replenishes money, captures opportunities for your livelihood and strengthens your communication skills. You can broadcast your intention with color. Refresh your body, brighten your mood or remove clutter in your thoughts and find creative solutions for your questions. Harmonizing your surroundings with color aligns you with your purpose and allows you to be free to tap into your highest potential.

You will have more energy available when you utilize Feng shui color tips and the science of color. These tools facilitate telling a coworker how you feel; asking your boss for a raise; planning a passionate night with your partner; mending a relationship; writing your memoir and sleeping peacefully. 

Red is associated with happiness, passion and prosperity. Use red to feel enthusiasm. A sensational color for your power outfit that will pull your resume and prodigious work history together is red–fire engine red, Chinese red, chili pepper red. Red in Feng shui adds courtesy, etiquette, power and strength.

Orange restores, warms and stimulates. It is a color to help you process your ideas. If you are a writer or want to try your hand at a creative project bring some orange, tangerine or mango to the craft table or tie a scarf around your neck to stimulate your throat chakra–you will speak your truth and play more successfully with the ideas that bubble up.

Yellow boosts your self-confidence. It brightens and promotes healing. If you have had a falling out with a family member and you want to mend your relationship, wear lemon or marigold yellow. It will raise both of your spirits. It will smooth out rigidity and inflexible opinions.

Green refreshes your body and spirit. It is a common color in nature – grass, trees and vegetation – it can help you to feel grounded, creative and calm. It is easy on the eyes and you can look at green for a long time and not experience eye strain. It equalizes, relaxes and balances painful processes. Wrap yourself in a deep sage or emerald green chenille blanket. Sit quietly by candlelight in your meditation room, touch your heart with your hands, feel its pulse, and quietly focus on feeling serene.

Blue clarifies. It emits a sense of well-being. It also soothes, focuses, and cools down energy. Gums sore? That inflammation could be unexpressed anger at work. Wear a sky blue dress or blouse to get mental clarity on the underlying issue. Still need to cool down? Go to bed in a cloud of blue flannel sheets or periwinkle blue cotton pajamas.

Indigo cultivates your intuition and builds self trust. Find a world market or antique mall that carries exotic scarves from Turkey or pashminas from India. Cloak your body and enjoy the mystery of the deep inky blue. Develop your insights from the messages you receive both visible and invisible.

Purple transforms energy on a higher level. It relaxes the nervous system and has a calming mental effect (not to mention boosts sex drive). It is wonderful to adorn a space where you meditate. After a long work day, gently refocus your attention and nourish your mind, when you slip into a flowing, satin robe of deep purple hue. Feel the luxury of its abundant warmth and sensuality. And while you are contemplating your bed and bedroom, check out Under The Covers With Five Element Color to see what colors work best for your bed.

Pink inspires love and romance. Hot pink and fuchsia stimulate passion. Be playful and use your imagination. Your brain is the biggest sex organ. You can do wonders with sheer magenta fabric to lead your partner to the boudoir.

Black connects you to your wisdom. Helps access deeper thoughts. If you need to take command of a situation wear black to express your authority.

White purifies. It is recognized as innocence and cleanliness in the west.  In the east, it is the symbol of death. If you have tried everything and still cannot shed those extra pounds wear all white. You will be so concerned with keeping your clothes spotless that you will be very careful about what goes into your mouth. No spaghetti sauce or chocolate fudge sundae for dinner.

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