10 Feng Shui Decorating Ideas That Can Stay Up Past The Holidays

An interior is the natural projection of the soul.
–Coco Chanel

Some people are natural born decorators, they have a flair making their home picture perfect for the holidays. But if that gene bypassed you, relax. I will help you release the worry and doubt associated with, “I could never do that.” Spread the good cheer when you use these 10 Feng Shui Decorating Ideas That Can Stay Up Past The Holidays. I have selected Feng Shui objects and intentions that radiate beauty long after Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice and Kwanzaa have transformed into memories of sugar plums and bliss.

Here’s how to mix tinsel and soul and make magic.

Refresh your state of mind Space clear the house. This is the most important. Perform this ceremony before you start decorating. This removes any unhappy emotions and low energy. From a Feng Shui perspective citrus is the number one choice. Its scent clears a sterile environment and brightens a room. But more than that, the orange’s power lies in its ability to transform that is why has been used for centuries by the Chinese. The Chinese word for orange sounds like gold. Sprinkling peels you have infused attracts abundant energy in your space and in your life. Procedure: Purchase nine oranges. At 11:00 p.m. open all the doors and windows of the house. Cut nine round pieces of orange peels from nine oranges. You will have a total eighty-one pieces of round orange peels. Break the orange peels into smaller pieces. Begin at the front door, take a small handful, toss the peel upward, visualize that all misfortune, illness and bad luck are leaving. All is well. Take another small handful and with palm down, sprinkle the peel, sowing seeds of auspicious light and visualizing any negativity being replaced with new growth of good fortune, health and positive events. See sunlight or universal light filling every corner of your house. The light will evict any bad Ch’i and misfortune and replace it with happy Ch’i, prosperous Ch’i and auspicious Ch’i. Leave in all the rooms of the house. Say a prayer of grace and you are complete. Leave the peels for one night, three nights or nine nights for greater emphasis.

Magnetize healthy Ch’i When the lighted candy canes have reached their due date replace them with electric lighting. Lights draw healthy Ch’i up from the earth, stimulating the energy of the entire front yard.

Create progress for the coming year Purchase a beautiful wind chime. Visualize how it will bring good luck into your household. Hang the wind chime from a red ribbon outside your front door at 11:00 a.m. Say a prayer of grace, this reinforces your request. This enhancement takes your eye level gaze and preoccupation with worldly affairs and redirects them up. At this position, you invite the power of heaven to create joy, stability and forward movement.

Empower your good name Red in Feng Shui symbolism means happiness, righteousness, courtesy, power and strength. The key to your holiday happiness is balancing anxiety with respect. As you paint your door red visualize these qualities and see your neighbors, family and friends admire your color scheme and honor your good name.

Relax your mind A water feature placed near the inside of the front door creates an illusion with sound. With a modest home it adds dimension and gives a spacious impression. And the sound of laughter from the water falling smoothes the Ch’i, putting your guests at ease and in a relaxed state of mind.

Continue your good fortune Lemons, tangerines and oranges are a highly prized fruit. Fruit, in general symbolizes life and new beginnings. Orange or “Kum” in Chinese sounds like gold. It is also a prayer or wish for good fortune. Create an orange wreath with bay leaves for your wall or create a lemon, orange and mandarin garland for your stairway. After the holidays, if your stairway is facing the front door, paint the railing green to lift the Ch’i and keep good luck from rolling out the door.

Attract a prosperous attitude A Harvard study showed that we feel less negative around flowers. “The positive mood that results from looking at flowers is likely to transfer to others – it’s what is called mood contagion.” A seasonal flower for this time of year, the narcissus plant, is a good choice to display. It is both fragrant and it attracts prosperity for the year to come. Adjusting by sense of smell calms the nervous system. Feeling relaxed smoothes your Ch’i and puts you in good spirits when Aunt Sally shows up.

Invite a fresh perspective Pomegranate symbolizes fertility but I am suggesting you use them at the holidays to bring happiness to the family as well as good luck for your descendants. Display pomegranates in a table arrangement either at the front entry or the dining room table. If you like the pomegranate’s color and shape display it as art in your home to attract these qualities year round.

Invoke a hardy resilience The holidays are unfortunately stressful. Family relations go through strain. Pine trees symbolize friendship and loyalty. But also any type of evergreen symbolizes durability and endurance. They never lose their positive energy and can create an optimistic spirit. Place a young, live pine tree in a pot at your entry or in the great room. Trim it with family photos and decorations and see your family feeling unified. After the holiday take it to the forest, plant it and visualize you are replenishing Mother Earth.

Keep your energy well directed Maintain your positive outlook by maintaining your health. If you are prone to sniffles and headaches, place nine lush plants at the front door. The front entry is representative of the health of the entire family, your head, helpful people and career. Visualize that everyone’s Ch’i remains balanced or if stress reaches unbearable proportions, a family conference is held to clear the air. This cure you can keep indefinitely.

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