June 24 New Moon. Make Art Not Anxiety.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 24 New Moon the polite, kindhearted, clever Ram enters the Zodiac stage. Sensitive, affectionate, creative with a love for beauty, the Ram is predisposed to taking good care of loved ones , creating domestic bliss and they love to make art. Epicureans of good taste, it is quite natural for a Ram to decorate their sanctuary with style and complete it with luscious comfort.

The thunderous yang energy of the Horse has rather left all of us panting and wanting to catch our breath. Ram’s calm influence can help you unwind this month in the arms of your home. Use the yin energy to irrigate your aesthetic nature and make art not anxiety. Steep yourself in your “creative vision” super power. Let it wash over all your affairs and don’t resist when your right brain percolates out-of-the box ideas. These may very well lead you to soul satisfying solutions for your career, relationships and reflective time.

Ram is connected to the season of Earth. It is the time of transition, transformation and harvesting your ideas. Will you make art this month or will you generate anxiety? Rat, you are not in accordance with the Ram. You may expect hindrances, scoundrels, illness and loss of wealth. Perform the BTB “Golden Cicada Sheds Its Shell” the first lunar day of the month to dispel bad luck and disaster. Ox: you and the Ram are in direct conflict this month. Misfortune and missed opportunities with some obstacles may trip you up. Take precaution in all your activities. Guard your wealth. Pay close attention to your health. If you are in a romantic relationship now is not the time to make any decisions. You too can benefit from performing the BTB “Golden Cicada Sheds Its Shell” the first lunar day of the month to dispel bad luck and disaster. Tiger: your fame will be on the rise and your career will climb. If you have been doing good deeds, your endeavors will show up in your prosperity and fortune will smile upon you. Take advantage of opportunities and work diligently for your future. Beware of unexpected trouble and take precaution against illness. Use your keen intuitive sense when dealing in business, there is cause to be concerned. Rabbit: this is a Three Harmony month and your luck is going well. The stars are highlighting where you work. Accept praise with graciousness. You may receive a promotion and a raise. Be assertive now in making progress and seek other opportunities. Dragon: you can expect both good luck and misfortune. Watch out for scoundrels maligning your good name. There could be arguments and disputes among relatives, friends and colleagues. In all endeavors step back to have a clearer idea of the big picture. Snake: you will enjoy success in your business but it is advised to keep a low profile. Do not give scoundrels the opportunity to do you ill favor. Horse: auspicious stars shine on you this month. There is a chance of marriage and the entire household will be blessed. You will have lots of good fortune and your investments will pay off. If you are in a government position or managerial role, good news will arrive from afar. Women will progress in their career and their reputation will rise. Stay away from spreading gossip. Ram: there are both gains and losses this month. Financially you may be taken advantage of. Emotionally you may often be distressed. Practice the BTB “Inhale Exhale Breathing Exercise”. Keep to your tasks and you will be paid off in the end. Monkey: this month everything is running smooth. There will be harmony in the family. At work, helpful people will be helping you. Know when to call it quits. Rooster: a month to observe the rules and mind the law. Don’t do anything illegal and you will have a good conscience. Refrain from getting into arguments or acting irrationally. Be careful with your money, you could lose it. Dog: it is a mutually offensive month. You may feel like it is one step forward and one step backward. But it can be dealt with and resolved. Pay attention to family members’ health and harmony in the home. Pig: it’s a month to feel uplifted as everything is working out for you with helpful people coming to your assistance. Just like the clear sky after the rain expect to receive profits from previous investments. Refrain from making investments in stock. If you request a cure from this forecast, I will ask you to honor the red envelope tradition. Have a great month, Zodiac friends!

Thank you to Khadro Crystal Chu, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist Feng Shui for your unfailing command of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics.

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