Feng Shui Cures To Recalibrate After The Storm

“You have no silver linings without a cloud.”
– Angela Carter

Harvey’s devastating blow to Houston, Irma’s ferocious pounding upon the islands and Florida, raging fires in the west have left us feeling vulnerable, toppled and tested by the forces of Nature. Now we are being asked to further tap into our reserves, pull up our sleeves to clear the debris and pull out our handkerchiefs to wipe away our children’s tears.

But there is a silver lining after a storm – resilience. But it takes time, time to pause, reflect and to feel into what to do next.

I have a Feng Shui bag with a deep pocket for times like these. It empowers the spirit and smooths the Ch’i. It contains Feng Shui cures–rituals–that support your psyche, restores your faith and reawakens your confidence. For performing ceremony or placing a cure is the pause between action and non-action. It creates a focal point to help you tap into your reserve and recalibrate your energy, enabling you to stand on solid ground again.

Adjust your home.
Invite Auspicious Ch’i.
If the front door is rarely opened, the Ch’i of the house will be unhealthy. This is the point of entry for human Ch’i, wealth Ch’i, health Ch’i, spiritual Ch’i and all types of Ch’i. Let the auspicious Ch’i flow in. If you do not open the door but enter through the garage, for 27 consecutive days, nine times a day, open the front door. You are reawakening the Ch’i.

Take Command.
Place the master bed in the command position. If the bed is not in command of the bedroom door there may be a sense of danger, lack of opportunity, anger, mood swings, anxiety, headaches, restless sleep and heart trouble.

Calm your mind.
Begin the healing by activating the center of the bedroom or the center of the house. Hang a 40mm or 50mm faceted crystal from the ceiling in the center of the room.

Adjust Your Ch’i
Exhaustion. Gather Energy. Beat the Heavenly Drum
Rub your hands together with sincerity nine times, creating warmth in your palms. Cover your ears with your palms. Your fingers will meet at the back of your head (at the occiput, the ridge). Put your forefinger on the top of your middle finger on each hand and slide the the forefinger quickly down onto the head. It creates a thump or snap (like beating a drum). Repeat eight more times for a total of nine time. This exercise may give you more mental alertness.

Panic Attack. Release Agitation. Inhale Exhale Breathing Exercise
(red envelopes requested)

Insomnia. Transform The Inner Dialogue. Tapping The Head
In those times when you cannot catch your breath, your heart is racing or you have trouble sleeping. Use all ten fingers and tap on the head, 108 times. You can begin at the forehead and go to the base of the neck or visa versa. If your worry persists, you can tap 324 times (three sets of 108 times). It draws restricted Ch’i from your inner brain cavity to the outer skull and out to atmosphere to be released.

Worry. Invite The Aid of Helpful People.
Reduce worry in your life by adjusting the Helpful People in corner of your lot, or home or bedroom. Benefactors and mentors are ‘those who make life easier’.

Not Thinking Clearly. Cultivate Clarity.
At the front door wire the electrical so automatically a bright light comes on or a clear sound is heard.

Making time to pause the Ch’i will rise to meet you. The strength of this yin yang relationship creates the space for rock solid stability and ample mental acuity to deal with your past and confidently envision the direction your life is meant to go.

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Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. Live Fearlessly In The Face Of Change.

“A lunar eclipse is emotional and pulls you apart to put you back together again, hopefully in a better way.”
– Mark Dodich, Astromark

Heaven is supercharged this week for change and it’s all meant for your own good. The Autumnal Equinox is a book end to a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse, Sunday, September 27. The Chinese will celebrate this as the Happy Moon Festival*. Gifts are coming but in the meantime you may experience sleepless nights and if so, lack of adequate rest affects your stress levels. Emotional–teary-eyed, angry and worn out–you may be overwhelmed by the momentum and this will affect your luck too. The Ch’i during the week is not smooth and you may even find it surprising. You could be promised a promotion and then get overlooked. Out of the blue someone may rear end you in traffic. Life could suddenly shift into haywire. It’s the perfect time to do something out of the ordinary. You can stop the cascade effect with color, conscious breathing and qigong methods. Here are five, easy Feng Shui methods to help you connect to the epiphanies of this transformational time and live fearlessly in the face of change.

Restless Nights
The time leading up to a full moon illuminates everything in your life. If you cannot sleep perform “Tapping the Head”. The procedure is this: tap the entire skull with your fingertips 108 times. Feel your thoughts being pulled from the interior of your brain to the surface of your skull and exit. If you need to, perform it 324 times.

Tipping Point
We all get caught off guard. You can bring yourself back before you get angry. Play the piano or write your anger down in your journal. You vent the steam as the Ch’i hits the paper. Sing if you are about to scold a friend or child or swallow your saliva nine times if you feel you are going to curse at someone.

Zest Boost
Wear green or light blue to lift your energy and help you gain clarity. These colors are related to the Wood element. They enliven your Ch’i, smooth out your nervous system and ground you in reality. You can add the visualization of deep roots of a tree.

Double Jeopardy
During these intense seasonal changes we may feel unstable. Place bamboo (I’ve discovered cut bamboo works better than live unless you have two green thumbs) anywhere in the house. Make sure the root end is at the bottom. The intention in this cure is to create stability. Bamboo’s meaning is peace and safety. It provides support and drives away negative forces.

Less Distress
If you would like to create peace in your household, amongst employees or peace on the streets in a place where there is little peace, use the rainbow color system (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) in any one of the rooms in your home or office. There are many creative ways to accomplish this. One client hung a rainbow kite on the ceiling of the hallway in their office. It made quick smiles. 

*Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Some say it’s the most magical moon of the year. “The Chinese people believe the full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion. On Mid-Autumn night the harvest moon is supposed to be the brightest and fullest of the year, so the festival is also known as the “Day of Reunion” and the Moon Festival” (China Highlights). While enjoying the festival hang lanterns, eat some cake with your significant other and make a wish! Moon cakes if you can get them – round cookies or pastries with filling will do. Place mirrors out in the moonlight to empower your divine feminine energy. 

Times like these prompt the desire for a life style change. Feng Shui A La Carte.

What I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.