November 18 Leave Your Comfort Zone.

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
Nelson Mandela

Great things never came from a comfort zone. Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist, was living proof all his life. Setting the example for acting with purpose and passion, he tipped the scales in social inequality. The November 18 new moon ushered in the quick-witted, social conscious Rat. Rats are yin water by nature. They have a refined intuitive sense about people and the workings of the Universe and they use these highly developed skills to speak up for causes that create a better world.

Clever, resourceful and eloquently convincing the Rat used these traits to win a very important race. He knew he was no physical match for the other animals so he convinced the ox to carry him. In exchange he sang to the ox. When they crossed the river and arrived onto the bank the ox honestly believed he had won but the wily Rat jumped in front of him. Rat became the first animal to win the Heavenly Gate race and become the first guard for the Jade Emperor,

For the past year at each new moon I have selected one attribute from the current Zodiac animal’s repertoire of traits. Incorporating a new trait (even if temporary) amplifies our conduct, teaches us to be flexible and awakens our potential. Rat’s super power is their resourceful nature. It can teach us to be adaptable, humble and keenly observe what is going on around. Its can get us back on our feet when our luck is down. Winter is a challenging time in the northern climates, survival is of foremost concern. It’s the perfect opportunity to lift a spirit with your compassion and be generous with your knowledge this month. If it helps one person ease out of a difficult financial situation or leave a abusive relationship, you’ve done your work.

The Three Friends of Winter, also known as Suihan Sanyou (or shochikubai), symbolize the pine, bamboo, and plum. The Chinese observed that the pine, bamboo and plum do not wither as the cold days deepen into the winter season unlike many other plants…. Together these three symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience. Contemplating these characteristics gives me philosophical warmth when I think how they stay vital as the cold days deepen. Stay cozy and dry, Friends! Rat: Heaven helps those who help themselves. Rat, your success will be in equal measure to the time you devote to your projects. If you are thinking of getting married, this may be the time. Business luck is at the forefront in starting something new. What seemed like blocks to your forward movement  blow away and you achieve your goals. Ox: it’s a good month for the Ox and you will feel like you just emerged from a soothing bath. There is peace and safety in your home and your hard work is showing results, like the sun that comes out after a long period of rain. Keep a sharp eye on your business proposals and assess your partners-to-be with caution so that disasters pass you by. Tiger: you luck will be exceedingly good, it is a six harmony month. Helpful People are standing by ready to help. Life will be smooth both inside and outside your household. Your career will progress and if you are in politics you will see good luck there too. Throw a party, celebrate a wedding or a special event but do not go to the house of the bereaved. Rabbit: this is a three harmony month. Your health is favored. Be mindful at work and with your investments. Do not be greedy over wealth arriving from unexpected sources. Follow the proper path and all will go well. Dragon: disasters are lifted and auspicious luck has arrived. You will be successful in all your endeavors and Helpful People will be at your side. Be practical and realistic and abandon unrealistic ideas. Snake: it’s a mutually offensive month. Expect downturns among what you have achieved. Recite The White-Robed Kuan-Yin mantra to quell any inner turmoil. Horse: a benefactor will come to your aid at work, someone in a senior position will assist in your receiving a promotion. Look after the mental and physical health of your family and do not buy into gossip and rumors. Ram: say good-bye to disaster and say hello to good fortune. As the saying goes, “Behind the clouds, there’s the moon.” There may be a newborn, there may be a wedding…financial profit can be expected through conventional and unconventional methods. Use this time to secure all your future endeavors. Monkey: the luck this month is offensive and things are not running smoothly. You may be sleep deprived and make wrong decisions as a result. Pay attention to your mental and physical health. Recite The White-Robed Kuan-Yin mantra often. Rooster: the tide is turning to your favor with career opportunities on the horizon.  The situation is turning out in your favor. Try not to worry or you will feel depressed. Dog: good news, good luck and fortune are in your favor. It’s a good time to make investments and to start a partnership in business. Keep self importance and arrogance at bay and seize any opportunity to learn and improve your mind. Pig: there will be both auspiciousness and misfortune, blessings as well as disasters. Meditate and reflect on your own shortcomings rather than find fault and gossip about other’s conduct. He who starts the gossip is the one who did the deed. If you request a cure from this forecast, I will ask you to honor the red envelope tradition. Have a great month, Zodiac friends! 

Thank you to Khadro Crystal Chu, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist Feng Shui for your unfailing command of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics.

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