September 20 New Moon. Wag More.

“Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always humans.”
– Donald L. Hicks

September 20 new moon, the Chinese Zodiac Dog chased the stars to be the star on the horizon. Warm-hearted and genuine, Chinese Canines are smart, frank and courageous. One of their finest qualities–loyalty–defines their excellence at completing a job and perfectly. It is their magic too! Caretakers of secrets, they are trust-worthy avatars and astute problem solvers. Fall, the Metal season, is a time of refinement, closure and finishing. When you adopt Dog’s super powers of play and magic, let these help you balance hard work with wonder, awe with steadfastness and you’ll cultivate a healthy curiosity to chase your dream even in difficult times.

Prepare for the shorter days . Practice conserving your energy for when the temperature drops. Discover what the month holds for your Zodiac animal. Rat: let patience be your guide as there is equal misfortune and auspiciousness. Refrain from being picky and arguing with peers, friends and family. Disputes and gossip are likely, be mindful. If you fall ill immediately seek medical attention. Conserve your efforts along with your energy. Ox: it is an auspicious month, enjoy great luck and the aid of Helpful People. Opportunities abound: you may start a new business, relocate or travel abroad. Beware of traffic disasters, perform the BTB “Walking on Red Carpet Secret Cure” before you go on a trip. Tiger: your luck is improving this month. Pay attention to getting into fights with scoundrels then you will be safe from injury and legal disputes. Remaining tolerant and lenient paves the way for adversities to turn to blessings. Do not go into a business partnership or be a guarantor or you might lose your wealth. Rabbit: this month your sign is in direct conflict. Signs do not favor fortune but the opposite, unfavorable. Secure your home against burglary and theft. If you drive under the influence there could be bloodshed. Your overall mood could be depressed. Meditation to create a smooth flow of Ch’i. Dragon: there will be celebrations and harmony and prosperity. Children will be successful and there will be weddings. You may open a business or travel with ease, all will go as planned. This month is ideal to relocate, renovate, get married, do a remodel or build a new home and sign contracts. Snake: everything will go smoothly and as planned. Wealth is expected, you will build your coffers, effect your prosperity to soar. Always do your homework and do not rush into purchasing real estate. Horse: good fortune is arriving at your door with the prospect of a job promotion. Business goes well and a partnership shows results however be mindful this will have its ups and downs. There may be discord in the home. Focus on creating harmony to dissipate discord this month. Ram: not everything is going to be perfect, recognize when you are being too critical. When a situation arises and you don’t know what to do, you may get emotional. Look at the traits of an opportunist and watch that while dealing with your investments. It’s not a time to take risks. Monkey: Helpful People will come to aid you and you will achieve results with little to no effort. There will be merits and fame and wealth and profits. Do not believe in the slander you hear so as not to get caught up in it. Rooster: this month month fluctuate and your mood will swing with the pendulum. Plan your investment portfolio wisely, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Dog: it is a mutually offensive month, a mixed bag between auspiciousness and misfortune. Your health is likely to fluctuate, be cautious with your diet and travels. Perform BTB “Golden Cicada Sheds Its Shell”, at midnight on the first day of this lunar month. Pig: your luck is fair. Your mood swings will cause confrontations and distress with those you interact with. Your anxiety comes from your hesitation in dealing with the situation. If you request a cure from this forecast, I will ask you to honor the red envelope tradition. Have a great month, Zodiac friends!

Thank you to Khadro Crystal Chu, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist Feng Shui for your unfailing command of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics.

Have you decided this will be your year? “Boldness has genius”… start with one hour of Feng Shui A La Carte. Think of it as a fairy godmother for your house.

What I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.

Think Outside The Travel Channel – Feng Shui Travel Cures

“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”
 Maya Angelou

Minimizing stress on a trip makes for more relaxation and fun. I want you to have a great time so here is my Feng Shui A list that have worked for me. I believe these travel cures will help you experience an out-of-the-ordinary vacation, complete with feeling safe, at ease and when an unusual circumstance happens, you can respond with an open heart. 

Travel With The Buddha Purchase a small Buddha statue, one inch is a good size. Place it in a container that holds heat such as an incense holder or a cauldron. Place this in a private area like the top of your bedroom bureau for nine days. Each day offer incense, visualize this is your “Traveling Buddha” and it will protect you when you travel and bring good luck. Let the incense burn down and allow the ashes to fall onto the Buddha. On the tenth day take out the Buddha, do not brush off the incense and carry with you. See you are protected wherever you travel.

Start On The Right Foot The Red Carpet ceremony is performed when departing your home for an business appointment, wedding or trip. Create auspicious opportunities and safety by placing a six-foot red cloth over the threshold of your front door. As you step down onto the carpet (cloth) with your left foot, visualize your trip is accident free and negative energy is cleansed. Make eight steps and end with the ninth step, your left foot, stepping of the the carpet. Fold and take with you. Do not go back into the house.

Boost Your Immune System Jet lag, time change, activity fun can catch up pretty quickly. Color influences how you feel. Make sure you pack a scarf or ensemble that has the five elements-black, green, red, yellow and white. At the first notice of overall weariness change to this and start to feel the vibrance, radiance and balance of these colors. Visualize you are receiving what you need and paid heed to what advice your intuition is giving.

Remove Old Energy It might be old, it could be negative. It could be whatever. Don’t take chances on who or what has resided in your room even if it is five star Hilton. If you forgot to carry orange spray or mister made with true essential oils, you can also use the peels of an orange to clear out stale or negative energy. Cut nine circles, rubbed them in your hands then place them under your pillow for a great night’s sleep.

Use Insight Over Anger Probably the biggest influence keeping the trip upbeat and good luck coming. If anxiety flairs quickly for you: before you say something you will regret, step back and “Swallow Your Saliva”, nine times. First create the saliva with the tip of your tongue on the upper palate of your mouth by moving your tongue back and forth 27 times. Then swish the saliva around your gums and teeth. While doing this think whether what you have to say will cause harm. Swallow then speak. It connects all the meridians in the body. Not only will this create positive relations with your family and travelers but strengthen your organs, in particular, your stomach and spleen.

photo credit: Bubo Blog, A New York City Dad

What I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.