Men Like Feng Shui Too!

“It’s not just a girl thing, men like Feng Shui too!”
– Bette Steflik

Delivering this opening remark at a networking event brought a chuckle to the room. There is a myth that Feng Shui is a girl thing yet in my 18 years of consulting nearly as many men as women have hired me for a consultation. They are equally savvy when it comes to improving their real estate. Here’s the rest of the story, I hope you like it too.

Gary’s home could have been set into the fairytale ‘the house that Jack built’. The building looked like it was constructed on a whim, rather like a design with Alice in mind after emerging from the rabbit hole. Though it had adorable idiosyncrasies that worked for my client, Gary was wise to get Feng Shui advice to tame its wild parts.

Not long after we began, his wife joined us. She politely listened while he asked questions, learned Feng Shui lingo and took notes. When we finished she gave him a big appreciative kiss. She said it was the best birthday gift ever! I give him credit for summoning the courage to forge into unfamiliar territory and find out how those pesky details were causing his marriage trouble.

Since that day I’ve met many Garys who want to nurture their relationship. I have selected eight not-so-common Feng Shui design features that I have seen cause a partnership to grow apart. Correcting invisible elements in the home that cause conflict frees partners to experience unlimited potential with each other. 

A tall building or tall house may handicap the Ch’i of a smaller house adjacent to it. The personal development of the residents may be suppressed. Partners particularly may find their issues never are not resolved due to an absence of compassion and wisdom.
Correction: one adjustment is to install a convex mirror on the side of the house facing the taller building. It turns the taller building’s image upside down, divesting it of its power.

A lot with uneven sides may bring good luck and fortune to only one partner. When you stand on the lot and look out to the street, the right side is the female side and the left is the male side. If the female side is shorter, all the females in the family may be skimmed of their fair share and vice versa. If it’s the male side, the males may suffer setbacks. An imbalance like this can ravage a relationship. A wife may develop a more successful career and her husband may feel threatened. A wife may fall into despair as her husband becomes more successful and busy and is constantly away from home.
Correction: one adjustment is to install a light in the short corner which shines to the highest point of the house.

A house missing the Partnership gua. Correction: one adjustment is to paint the color of the gua on the wall adjacent to the missing piece. This can push the wall out to give back the missing piece.

If you or your partner work most of the time. Check to see if the home office is in Partnership. If you spend long hours working, it can destroy your relationship.
Correction: one adjustment is to place a picture of the partner who does not work excessively into the partner’s office in the Partnership gua. They may then be reminded how much they love their partner and they may want to spend time with their partner. Also hang a mirror to pull the office into another position in the house.

An Empty door is a door enclosure without an actual door. The door is symbolic of the voice of the adult, an Empty door can mean a lack of communication. In Partnership, partners may not be able to share their feelings of love, regard, displeasure, doubt, eagerness and need. Good communication is often is the top attribute to a successful partnership.
Correction: one adjustment is to hang a door, if not possible hang a wind chime or crystal from the ceiling at the entry of the Empty door.

A Master Bedroom on a slanted wall suggests unexpected events for the occupants. Partners may experience an unexpected tragedy which may dissolve their relationship.
Correction: one adjustment is to hang a crystal ball on the inside of the door.

A bed on the edge of a “cleaver shaped room” suggests partners may speak with cutting and sharp words.
Correction: one adjustment is to install a mirror on the appropriate wall to “complete” the shape; the “cleaver” becomes a rectangle.

A bed in command to the bedroom door (or make the adjustment), you and your partner will face the world from a place of stability and power.

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