Winter Solstice. Share Your Light.

“The more we give light, one to the other,
It shines and it spreads and it glows still further.

Winter Solstice reminds me that even in my darkest hour an ember burns inside. This Solstice day may you join your heart with family and friends and light up the night. I believe there isn’t a better time than this Winter Solstice day to share the warmth of your beautiful heart.

Until every spark by friends set aflame.
Until every heart with joy to proclaim.

The season is also an opportunity to resolve family issues, estrangement and loss. If you are having trouble with a brother, father or neighbor; if you seek new friendships or want to begin a project, start with the stove.

The stove is key to family prosperity and harmony. It is where the cook lovingly prepares the food that nurtures the family. This sustaining nourishment allows them to be more productive. The stove represents unity of family, freedom from legal troubles and the career and finances of the owner of the house. When you stand at the stove and face a wall and the main door of the house is behind you, the stove is “out of command”. Place a mirror that is the width of the stove and and as tall as the tallest person in the house (do not let the edge of the mirror fall below the top of the head). If this is not possible, place a convex mirror (has a 160 degree view) instead.

In the Bagua, the Family sector of the house represents friendship. If a bathroom is in the Family gua, the energy of the home leaves through the drain in the house. It can place a drain on family relationships. Mount a 3″ round mirror on the ceiling over the toilet to lift the Ch’i. Visualize the family and friends who have “gone down the toilet” in your life, are lifted up again.

If someone living above you is jealous of you, place a small round mirror on the ceiling above you. You want to see the mirrored side. If they live below you, place a small round mirror on the floor beneath you. You want to see the mirrored side. This adjustment provides the means for your ch’i to communicate with the jealous person’s chi. It is a way to restore harmony. If jealousy surrounds you, both above and below, the mirrors do not need to be directly aligned. The ch’i will flow despite that they do not line up.

Do one good deed a day for 27 days to improve your luck or 9 good deeds a day for nine days.

In the depth of our souls,
A shining sun glows.
–Advent Verse

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