Auspicious Beginnings!

On New Year’s Day, children are given, Hong Bao, Red Envelopes, good luck money wrapped inside little red envelopes. Before going to bed that night they put all the Red Envelopes under their pillow. It is said they will sleep well without bad dreams and become richer next year. For the day everyone has on new clothes, and puts on his best behavior. It is considered improper to tell a lie, raise one’s voice, use indecent language, or break anything on the first day of the year. Starting from the second day, people visit friends and relatives, taking with them gifts and Lai-See for the children. Visitors are greeted with traditional New year delicacies, such as melon seeds, flowers, fruits, tray of togetherness, and New Year cakes.

Red Envelopes function as talismans to magnetize good fortune and are used on auspicious occasions like Chinese Lunar New Year, birthdays and weddings. H.H. Lin Yun asks that his disciples and practitioners of BSTB feng shui honor the red envelope tradition when sharing transcendental methods. This comes from Tantric Buddhism. These teachings are esoteric and meant for four ears, between teacher and student or consultant and client. They can effect great change for you, the recipient. Red is symbolic of auspiciousness and so you are gathering more luck, money is universal and so you are gathering good fortune. Nine is the number of completion and peak accomplishment so you are gathering good karma. Their essence and meaning are part of a tradition that enables you to tap into a lineage that is thousands of years old as you build on the success of these cures that have worked. Your heart mind is opening to more senses in the body. The tradition empowers you as you are standing on the shoulders of those who have used these cures and seen visible results. Place money, even a penny, in the envelope. Your sincerity will support the effectiveness of using this information well.