How I may help you.
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Real Estate sales: a check list of “what to do” in purchasing a built home and on site consulting. Help you blend what you love with what to look for: neighborhood, property, floor plan, red flags, design features, structural integrity and energetic stability. Before move in: best placement for kitchen, desk and bedroom, color consult for enhancement. Home sale–a check list of how to prepare the house for the next owner and create a quicker sale.

New construction/remodel: build your wishes from the ground up. Examine floor plans and the foot print of the home on the property. Help you define your objectives. Indicate optimal placement for key features of stove/kitchen; bed/bedroom; desk/office. Go over design details that create fluctuations in energy: bathroom, stairs, doors. Existing construction or remodel: call out adjustments that correct detrimental design placement.

Negotiationone of the lesser known Feng Shui services in the western world. I share methods that minimize stress and help you get clarity. Identify architectural details which create conflict between couples, parent-child, family members, business partners, legal, businesses and offer solutions to adjust them.

Health: if you have a prolong medical issue that has weakened your energy, I suggest you have me check the Feng Shui in your home. Strengthen the immune function of your entire family by addressing design features that impact your emotional and physical health such as anxiety, anger, headaches, insomnia, lack of vitality and mood swings.

Esoteric functions: add luck and success to your events: auspicious dates to plan an engagement, a wedding, sign contracts, invest and begin a project. Space blessing ceremonies that build positive energy and ward off negative influences: before laying the foundation of a house or commercial property; construction + remodel; foreclosure; clear predecessor energy; real estate; improve finances; after a break in or burglary; deal with scoundrels.