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I am excited to share tips on how to create a Feng Shui bedroom in this lovely first volume presented by the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Recipes For Living Coloring Journal. I, along with seven other authors, poured our hearts into this banquet of eight impassioned essays because we know how important it is to connect to your heart and feed your soul.

This journal has been designed to offer you a buffet of life enhancing self-care options via color, reflection, dreams, movement, taste and sound. Getting to know yourself is a process, so why not make it an inspired journey through self realization into self love.

Chapter 1: Feng Shui Design for Peace and Harmony
Feng Shui Bedroom Design Secrets That Power Up Your Day
– Bette Steflik

Chapter 2: Revealing The Hidden Guidance In Dreams
Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
– Debbie Spector Weisman

Chapter 3: Primal Movement For Vital Health
7 Primal Movement Patterns For Full-Body Strength And Balance
– Hamad Shirazi

Chapter 4: Finding Your Essence Through Art
Unlock Your Imagination By Freeing Your Feelings – C’mon, Let’s Play!
– Karen Sachs

Chapter 5: Natural Healing Approaches For Inflammation
Turn Down The Inflammation Flame
– Linda Orr Easthouse, MA

Chapter 6: Sound Healing With Your Voice
Discover The Healing Power Of  Your Voice
– Lynne Grobsky

Chapter 7: Understanding The Aura As A Healing Tool
Auras As Healing And Life Improvement Tools
– Nand Harjani

Chapter 8: Soul Energy Healing
Reclaiming Your Life By Finding Your Light And Stepping Into Your Power
– Wing Piderman, CAIEHP

When you purchase your copy “let your fingers do the walking”. I believe you will land upon the right chapter for that day, hour or minute in which you will be inspired to connect to that part of yourself that has been waiting to be revealed. The beauty of this coloring journal is that you can dialogue with your unique self using the prompts to write out your thoughts plus learn about the value of color to express your muse. Each chapter ends with a “recipe” to help you integrate the experience.

There is no better time than now to connect to your muse, let Recipes For Living Coloring Journal take you there.

Journals are soft bound, 120 pages, 4-color cover, b/w contents. Cost: $16.95 + $7.75 for shipping and handling within the continental Unites States. Go to PayPal and make a payment “friend to friend” $24.70. Include your mailing address in the comment box. Buying more than one book? Email me at the address below for shipping cost. Thank you for your patience.