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Emergency Preparedness: Bless Your Space With Spiritual Protection.

You need not feel powerless in the face of natural disasters. Prayer, meditation and qigong kept a Chinese temple intact after a devastating earthquake demolished an entire mountain village. You too can institute an invisible barrier of spiritual protection in and around your home. There are protection practices from BSTB Feng Shui that I have composed  into a Feng Shui Emergency Preparedness class to help you raise the vibration in your space. I will share “Changing The Ch’i For Disasters”, this ceremony clears, protects and blesses a community, even a nation; “The External Ch’i Ceremony” is performed as a blessing when you feel disharmony or the land is unstable. It promotes growth, luck and prosperity. Plus I will share Feng Shui rituals to fortify your home. Please invite your friends. I’d love to see us build an energetic network that disperses negative influences and strengthens our community. Bring your questions and nine red envelopes with money (even a penny) inside each one. This tradition supports sharing Feng Shui secrets.
New Renaissance Bookshop
Saturday, November 14, 2015 

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 
Class fee is $20. Bring nine red envelopes.
Registration is through New Renaissance Bookshop, call 503-224-4929.

Hello, Your House Is Talking!

You may be doing all the rights things like receive acupuncture, massage, eat right, work with a life coach but you are still not getting results to WHY you can’t find a lasting relationship, denied a raise or don’t sleep well at night. What might be undermining your attempts to move forward are design details. I love homes, so I really want this information to get to you and help you shift a difficult situation into easy. From working with clients and their homes, I have seen blocked entries, harsh angles, doors that open wrong or clash, fireplaces and stairs manifest as health, family and career issues. Best remedy for these is Feng Shui! Bring your floor plan, questions and concerns and discover what your house is saying! Master simple solutions to making this relationship better. You’ll learn how to turn stressful design details that lower your emotions and distract you from manifesting your goals, into friendly, welcoming allies. I can’t wait to show you how improving key elements in your home benefits your peace of mind. Best part, feel confident and be empowered by learning that when you shift your bed, place a crystal, hang a mirror and take command at your stove, you enrich your life.

Unforgettable Secrets And Lucky Cures For 2015

Live brilliant. Embody Abundance. Embrace Your Beauty. Be Free. The Chinese New Year is the best time to create yourself anew. I will treat you to an unforgettable evening of Feng Shui secrets, chocolate and savvy cures. Make it an extraordinary year. I will explain how to make the most of the Wood Ram year with a rainbow of BSTB power enhancements. Learn that you can: ease out of stress; relax into happiness; live soulfully; strengthen your intuition; rejuvenate your energy with meditation and stay upbeat with secret, take home methods. For attending this class you’ll receive a special gift bag: Honey Mama’s new fudge with lavender and rose petals; Essance Revitalizing Face Serum plus lip balm, crystal jewelry from Exquisite Crystals, and a coupon for a discount on your first residential Feng Shui consultation. Thursday, January 29, 2015, 6-8 p.m. Kiva Tea • Cafe • Spa, 1533 NW 24th Avenue, Portland, OR.

Events: Healthy Living Festival

My work touches upon every aspect of life yet rarely do homeowners connect their environment to their health issues. So when Kiva asked me to be one of her featured consultants at her  ‘Healthy Living Festival’ I said “Yes!” Events PDX like these provide the opportunity for me to answer your questions, look at what is causing a health issue and share tips on harmonizing your space. Bring your floor plan and receive a mini reading, $30 for half  hour/$15 for fifteen minutes, discounted from my regular fee (pertains to the festival only). Cash or check accepted, no CC nor Paypal. All questions are completed with red envelopes so your Feng Shui cures and the tradition remain effective and strong. The Healthy Living Festival is June 14, 2014, 1-4 p.m. Kiva Tea • Café • Spa

JoyLuck Cures & Master Strategies for 2014

The year of the Horse is the year of the Heart. Known for its rhythmic expression and joyful dance, Horse invites you to create the same–align with your internal rhythm, claim a bigger stake for your dreams and make it a winning year! Power up your life plans with auspicious celebrations, new secrets and extraordinary cures. This class is devoted to helping you: Be your best dance partner. Keep your Ch’i strong, happy and in tune to the year’s rhythm. Balance time and energy. Replace worry, untangle your thoughts with lucky cures. Rejuvenate and create. Feed the spirits with ceremonies, then make your best move. Kiva Tea • Café • Spa 

Clutter Madness, The Deeper Truth

Does frustration not even begin to describe how you feel when you sort through your stuff? The key to organizing your piles is self awareness. Bette teaches the Chinese Five Element “personality types” and the misunderstood emotions that are connected. Get relief from your clutter and answers to your questions. Strike out overwhelm and invite inspiration. New Renaissance Bookshop 

Three Secrets To Relationship Happiness

April 9, 2013 complimentary tele-class. Learn to empower your heart through conscious design! Click for more information.

Five Fold Happiness: Your Feng Shui Guide To The Year Of The Snake

In Chinese culture the Lunar New Year is the most important time of year. Bette will talk from her in-depth knowledge about what it means to perform Feng Shui traditions and New Year Ceremonies to attain the Five Fold Happiness-luck, prosperity, longevity, happiness and wealth. Here is your opportunity to celebrate the power of new beginnings and deepen your success for the year’s good fortune.

Mind Blowing Secrets And Lucky Cures: Prepare For The Year Of The Snake, 2013

2013 is the year to ignite your luck and un-tap your highest potential with Chinese Feng Shui traditions, New Year ceremonies, Black Sect Tantric secrets and land cures. In this informative evening, embrace magic and create powerful beginnings with special Buddhist blessings – the Golden Cicada and Welcoming the Wealth God. Become an alchemist when you perform these sacred rituals. Capture the gold and good fortune.

Letting Go, Living In Peace
Feng Shui Secrets To Thrive In 2013

You have an inner knowing of where you need to be. You know how to manifest and you’ve worked hard to improve your mind. The joy and peace 2013 promises is so close at hand. Its yours–so take your vision and passion and add the essential piece to pull it all together – your home. I will show you how to deal with stress and share extraordinary secrets that invite you to be your most spacious self, where you create beauty, let go and connect to the exhilaration that makes your life happen.

Please contact me if you wish to attend one of the events PDX I participate in or host a class.