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I want to bring you inspired, informed and accurate solutions for your space. My training and certifications are below.

“When someone is self-aware and his mind is still, then source energy shines through that person radiating out unimpeded. A mere glance, a gentle touch, his words, his very presence ignites and wakes up the same divinity in others. It is this transference of clarity of mind that is the most beneficial thing that can happen to another. He sows little seeds of divine awareness into the consciousness of the people around him and this eventually will bear fruit.” This quote encompasses the mastery of His Holiness “Professor” Lin Yun, International Grandmaster of the Black Sect Tantric School of Feng Shui. He is the source and inspiration for my work as a Feng Shui consultant.

I was born on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and my father was a farmer. I believe the influence to watch the sky and peer into rich, black soil was instilled at birth. It must be DNA and a past life beckoning but decidedly it was karma that directed my life and transformed my innate curiosity into a rich love for Nature. I discovered mentors who would shape my eyes and heart and teach me ways to decipher the symbols and omens of this Ch’i radiant world.

I am a certified Red Ribbon International Feng Shui Guild BSTB Feng Shui consultant, teacher and writer. In 1999 I began my studies in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui. Until his passing in 2011, I had the honor to learn from H.H. Lin Yun. I enriched my training with his prominent disciples. Three years with Ann-Marie Holmes, Earth Spirit Healing; five years as an affiliate with Katherine Metz mentoring program; workshops with Teacher Ho Lynn Tu, Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation and Dr. Edgar Sung. I completed a Five Element certification with Lillian Bridges of the Lotus InstituteI have continued my education studying face reading and Nine Star Ki with Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom Of Your Face, plus certifying in Reiki I and II.

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I consult on-site for residential and commercial clients. However I love to travel worldwide via electronic and digital media–Skype, phone, e-mail, faxes, or show up at your front door. There are no limits.

I am dedicated to getting to the heart of what matters to you. I will help you target what you need to feel supported and confident that you will accomplish your goals and create what is meaningful to you–a beautiful home; a secure environment; stability and ease of communication among family members and friends. Check out what clients are saying. Reviews.