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If you have the vision to take excellent care of  your body and spirit, there is a simple solution. I invite you to view my video to see how you too can create a beautiful space and live in alignment.

Inviting You To Create A Beautiful, Vital and Stable Home.

Feng Shui design brings depth and dimension to your life so both you and your home radiate at your highest potential. Yet we live with arrangements that are out of balance and this sends a signal to your emotions. A hidden entrance, cramped entries; beds out of command; bathrooms inconveniently positioned, pesky angles; too many doors in a small area, fireplaces and stairs are an expression of Ch’i. If these conditions are not addressed, they manifest as health, family and career issues.

It must be the artist and designer in me, I love getting my hands into Ch’i. I am excited when I walk into a client’s home, close my eyes and ask, “What mystery will you reveal to me?” Invisible yet palpable, intangible but influential, Ch’i animates all of life and my life’s work is understanding how Ch’i affects humans in their space. I want home owners and business professionals to feel empowered, where their dwelling is infused with what serves their highest potential, where intention interfaces with design, where a happy union grows out of their surroundings and their living experience becomes a loving experience of good health, sustainable prosperity, with cherished memories and lots of success.

Building Ch’i for the home builds confidence in the people who love the home. Sometimes life deals us a hand we can’t work with and there are complications. When I am called to help, the conversation begins before I step into a client’s home. First we talk on the phone. I listen to their story. I hear the house talking, how it weaves its pattern into their life and fate. From questions, experience and cultivated sensibilities, I formulate a picture of the current circumstances and what is happening with the Ch’i. When I arrive at their home, I bring adjustments, color and a bit of magic, plus in my bag is a special blend of Feng Shui wisdom, intuitive knowing and design aesthetics that I share. Enthusiasm tumbling into passion best describes how I conduct a consultation and devise solutions that create vitality, beauty and safety. Placement, inspired color selections, and identifying which traditional cures work best, are the Ch’i building tools I use to smooth out energy, eliminate stress and generate happiness. And happiness brings out the best in everyone. This turns into handling whatever life delivers to you–bounce back from illness, maneuver around financial obstacles and maintain quality of life. If you want to enter into a new relationship with your inner space–feel energized when you wake, happy when you come home and peaceful when you say good night, please give me a call, let’s talk.

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