Your Home’s Design Matters, Discover How!
“Feng Shui A La Carte”

Sixteen Years. Certified Feng Shui Expert. Ch’i Enthusiast. Space Guru.
“We make our own energy through our thoughts. Positive thoughts yield positive results.
Doreen Virtue

Ready for your home to support your positive thoughts and the positive changes you are making? You will be free to focus on empowerment, happiness, wealth and success when you tap into the knowledge of Feng Shui. Rearranging your furniture, adding light to brighten a corner, removing obstacles with mirrors, will help you consistently live this lifestyle. Please watch my video and get acquainted with how you can create a beautiful space and enjoy your home even more.

Design features in our homes may often send us into an emotional state where we feel entangled and uncertain or fatigued. A blocked entry; beds out of command; bathrooms draining energy, pesky angles, fireplaces and stairs are an expression of Ch’i. If these conditions are not addressed, they manifest as health, family and career issues.

It must be the artist and designer in me, I love getting my hands into Ch’i. I am excited when I walk into a client’s home, close my eyes and ask, “What mystery will you reveal to me?” Invisible yet palpable, intangible but influential, Ch’i animates all of life and my life’s work is understanding how Ch’i affects humans in their space. I want home owners and business professionals to feel empowered, where their dwelling is infused with what serves their highest potential, where intention interfaces with design, where a happy union grows out of their surroundings and their living experience becomes a loving experience of good health, sustainable prosperity, with cherished memories and lots of success.

You may have moved into a home where complications are on the rise. Here is what will happen when you call me. A conversation begins before I step into your home. First we talk on the phone. I listen to your story. I hear the house talking, how it weaves its pattern into your life and fate. Questions, experience and intuition help me formulate a picture of the current circumstances and what is happening with the Ch’i. When I arrive at your home, I am prepared with adjustments, color and a bit of magic, plus a special blend of Feng Shui wisdom and design aesthetics that I share. Enthusiasm tumbling into passion best describes how I conduct a consultation and devise solutions that create vitality, beauty and safety. Placement, inspired color selections, and identifying which traditional cures work best, are the Ch’i building tools I use to smooth out energy, eliminate stress and generate happiness. And happiness brings out the best in everyone. When you implement these time-proven cures you will handle whatever life delivers–bounce back from illness, maneuver around financial obstacles and maintain quality of life.

If you are ready to stay in the flow of your positive inner space, continue to feel energized when you wake, happy when you come home and peaceful when you say good night, please give me a call, 503-232-2543, let’s talk.

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