Under The Covers With Five Element Color. How The Hues You Sleep With Influence Your Success.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I share with my clients that color is a strong influencer in their waking mood, their office attitude and their appetite for life. If you are at one end of the spectrum, feeling stuck, struggling to organize your schedule or the other, ready for a bold change, take a look at the color of the sheets you are sleeping with. 

In a Xerox Color study 83% of individuals polled believed color makes them appear more successful. Because it is pervasive in your surroundings it influences your emotional well being. Selectively working with color you can create good relationship communication, improve your memory retention and be conscious of your purchasing choices.

The relationship between Feng Shui and Five Element Theory is rooted in Taoist theory and Chinese cosmology. The five traditional Chinese elements are wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (black). When these elements interact they create change in the natural world. Change is essential for cultural progress and personal development.

21st century stress comes from many sources. What I call “Five Element color bathing” harmonize the imbalances produced by stress. Carefully choosing color for your home, whether it’s the front door, the seat of your opportunities or the bedroom, the seat of your personal manifestations, will help you develop the flexibility to claim what is important to you. Here are five, Five Element tips to help you rethink what’s under your covers.

Lost your inspiration? The characteristics of Fire are excitement, intimacy and intuition. It’s hot, bright and vibrant. The Fire personality loves to merge and understand the experiences of other people. Perfect ingredients for a night of passion.

They also need time alone to re-ignite their creative fire. If you have lost your inspiration, direction or spark, sleep on apple green sheets to kindle the embers of a fire that has burned out. When you have recovered your radiance, switch to coral, pink or rose colored sheets. They emulate the radiate warmth of the summer sun and support all manner of ardent quests.

Can’t keep to a schedule? When immediate action is required, Wood arouses and awakens. These qualities are essential for love making but they are also the main attributes to seed a brilliant idea or kick off an amazing project.

If you vacillate, call upon your Wood to recover your enthusiasm. Sleep on sage, sea or wasabi green linens. These will bathe you in Wood’s quick, inventive, constant spirit and help you get into gear. Feel directed to organize your life. Wake up refreshed with a renewed spirit to push forward like the first blush of spring.

Always Trying to Please? People are the Earth person’s project. Nurturing, sympathetic and caring, they are the peace maker, the one who places everyone at ease. What matters to them happens in the home. When life stops working, they collapse. Generally it’s because they have become overly involved with the details of other people’s lives.

If you are an Earth person or you feel you need to regain your self confidence, indulge in lemon, marigold, citrine, primrose or sun drenched colored sheets. These colors will remind you to take back your joy, that you are forever connected and your generous heart is valued.

Too Preoccupied To Notice? Originality, wisdom and creativity feed the Water person’s nature. They can become so absorbed with their projects they may fail to remember their partner’s birthday. They need encouragement where intimacy, tenderness and warmth are concerned.

If you are a Water type or you feel you need to develop a softer approach with your partner (or yourself), sleep on creamy yellow or honey colored sheets to restore trust, openness and communication.

If you want vitality to spring into action, initiate your projects and feed your creativity then sleep on jade, kelly or lime green sheets. These colors will give you the support to express your boundless ideas. The color of water, black is rarely used to color bathe in bed.

Want to recover your joy? Metal personality types love simplicity and precision. Beautiful systems are what Metal does best; they have the elegance to perfect form and function. Their projects will involve order and containment.

Anything that is spontaneous is shapeless and vague but spontaneity is the necessary complement to stir intimacy and creative juices, keeping things fresh and vital. Too much repetition can cause a dullness of the spirit.

If you are a Metal type or you are a person who wants to raise your curiosity and feel inspired, sleep on tea rose, dawn pink or sea shell coral linens to bring enthusiasm and add a robust spirit to your life.

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