Live Your Dream In 2018

“The greatest gift you were given was the gift of your imagination. Within your magical inner realm is the capacity to have all your wishes fulfilled.”
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

I want you to attain your dream in 2018. With these few days remaining it’s a perfect time to close the days with gratitude and start the new year with one wish. Write down your dream on a beautiful piece of paper. Add color, stickers, make a drawing, paste a cartoon, use your creativity and imagination. Or it can simply be the words but most of all let it be fun. When it’s the way you want, place it where you will engage with it everyday. It could be the bathroom mirror as you get ready in the morning; the breakfast nook where you read the paper and drink coffee; the garage wall when you come home after work; or the night stand before you go to sleep. When you read your words, touch them too, feel your body smile and let your mind expand into the possibility of this wish as you conjure corresponding mental images. Give the ritual your heart/mind attention for 27 days (multiple of nine, the number of completion and peak accomplishment). Let me know what happens!

My dream is to talk about the importance of our homes. And it’s happening! I would love for you to join me, Tuesday, January 2, 2018 for a live interview conducted by All Business Media FM. The general theme is Health and Well-Being with emphasis on Home and the Environment. We’ll talk about how Feng Shui enhances not only our home but lifestyle too.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 9:52 a.m. PST, 12:52 p.m. EST.  It’s an eight minute segment, click on this link, All Business Media or this link, All Business Media Radio.

Please share with your family and friends if you would. If you can’t make the live show, I will post the recording on my professional Facebook page, Your House Is Talking!

“Keep The Days Merry And Bright” Winter Special
From now through February 28, 2018, when you schedule a residential Feng Shui consultation by that date and complete the consultation by April 28, 2018, you will receive $25 off of your consultation fee. This applies to new clients or new residence to former clients. Onsite consults only.

Dandelion Symbolism
Healing from emotional pain and physical injury both
Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense
The warmth and power of the rising sun
Surviving through all challenges and difficulties
Long lasting happiness and youthful joy
Getting your wish fulfilled
Flower Meaning 

Have you decided this will be your year? “Boldness has genius”. start with one hour of Feng Shui A La Carte. Think of it as a fairy godmother for your house.

What I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.

Feng Shui Safety Checklist For Your Home

Safety might be the last thing you connect to Feng Shui design.

Imagine walking a tight rope. Would you feel anxious, nervous, frightened, think you are going to fall? Very likely. This experience is no different to your brain than a corner that acts like a finger pointing at you, making an accusation. Or a wall that blocks your way and throws you off kilter or a small, dark, confined entry that pounds upon your head. Your body’s first response is to feel nervous, anxious and unsafe. Next your body will bring your attention to the matter by sending a smoke signal to your emotions. If that doesn’t get a response, you’ll find yourself getting sick. What a thread, one scenario can cause.

As a Feng Shui consultant I look for how I can help you understand your unique living arrangement and make your home more suitable for your personal lifestyle, maintain your good health, harmonize your relationships and create overall peace of mind.

When a client calls often they have a crisis on their hands. A daily drama they’ve tolerated for months, maybe years, erupts and no longer do they have the coping skills to deal with it. I tell them the good news is there is a Feng Shui solution. And I want you to know that too.

Here is a little mantra that I share. It is BIG in empowerment and leads to real change: “your home is your second body”. If you are feeling worried, carry vague anxieties around in your head, don’t sleep well at night, suffer from a chronic health issue, lose money and are overlooked for a raise or job you want, it’s not “just life”.

Wouldn’t you love an alternative to “just life”, one that makes you feel secure, stable and balanced? Feng Shui adjustments actively address problem areas in your home, create stability, power up your energy and give you confidence to handle what life delivers.

Is your home Feng Shui safe? If you suspect it’s causing some of your problems or you feel uneasy, here’s a mini checklist to determine if you have imbalances and how they are affecting you. There are more than I can list here but it’s a good way to get started and expand your thinking about safety in your home.

Feng Shui Safety Checklist

Accidents and Bloodshed

  • A door that is nailed shut suggests a hole in your physical body.
  • Seeing the stove through the kitchen door from the front door can cause illness, surgery that involves bloodshed.
  • Shoes left at the front in disarray can cause unexpected events and accidents.
  • Anything in front of the bed, furniture that is too large in the room can cause you to stumble and fall.
  • A bed that faces out of the bedroom door and you face the stove, that position can cause an accident or illness involving serious bleeding.
  • A stove that backs up to a desk causes danger which can involve an accident. 

Arguments with family members

  • Split at the front door: the brain is stimulated unevenly, the two sides begin to lack coordination. You may think more and act less, or the opposite, you may act more and think less. Either situation, an imbalance is created which can create illness along the midline, confusion, and an inability to make decisions. There can be endless arguing, even violence.
  • Too many doors in a hallway: a door represents a mouth. Here is an opportunity for arguments to ensue among you and your partner or you and your child.
  • Biting doors: doors which are slightly out of alignment with one another create a split and this may create a trauma. There may be conflict between parents, or arguments between the parents and children. You may lose your friends. Where you work you may experience internal strife, power plays, and back stabbing. 
  • Arguing doors: doors that bump up against one another when they are opened create conflict and they are especially offensive at the front door. Conflict may spread throughout, affecting everyone who comes into the house even people outside with whom you interact.

Health Issues

  • Bathroom in the middle of the house can drain your life’s resources. Not only poor health may make your family suffer, years on end but into future generations. 
  • Blocking wall at the front door will have you feeling blocked from moving forward in your career. Health wise your shoulders start to round down over your heart and lungs causing back, heart and respiratory difficulties.
  • Stairs that ends too close to a wall or door may inhibit the flow of ch’i both in your home and your body. You and your family may be blocked in some way, physically, emotionally, and perhaps your career.
  • A toilet back to back with a bed can create an unusual, uncommon or undiagnosed illness which can take it’s toll on the resources of a family.

Money Troubles

  • Fireplace in the middle of the house will burn up money, create infamy instead of fame and your career may slow to a trickle. Feeling hopeless, your happiness may be reduced to indecision and doubt, depleting your vitality.
  • Blocking wall at the front door may find you struggling in your career and you may entirely fail. 
  • Contrary door is when a front door opens into a wall rather than the room. You may work hard and not enjoy the results of your labor. Life could become exhausting and filled with disappointment.
  • House below the street: every exit will feel difficult to get up and get out. You may become more and exhausted each day. You can lose time and energy. It greatly affects your ability to begin or follow through on any project.
  • Trapezoid lot that narrows at the back can also bring unfortunate luck over time. The wealth gua is in the far back left corner and if it is diminished in size that will affect incoming flow of money.

Need to see it to understand? Here is a link to Floor Plans Matter, examples of common design details and how they affect occupants’ Ch’i. Perhaps you will recognize your home in one of this. 

One thing I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift. 

(image credit to Poesia, Roberto Weigand)