Winter Solstice. Share Your Light.

“The more we give light, one to the other,
It shines and it spreads and it glows still further.

Winter Solstice reminds me that even in my darkest hour an ember burns inside. This Solstice day may you join your heart with family and friends and light up the night. I believe there isn’t a better time than this Winter Solstice day to share the warmth of your beautiful heart.

Until every spark by friends set aflame.
Until every heart with joy to proclaim.

The season is also an opportunity to resolve family issues, estrangement and loss. If you are having trouble with a brother, father or neighbor; if you seek new friendships or want to begin a project, start with the stove.

The stove is key to family prosperity and harmony. It is where the cook lovingly prepares the food that nurtures the family. This sustaining nourishment allows them to be more productive. The stove represents unity of family, freedom from legal troubles and the career and finances of the owner of the house. When you stand at the stove and face a wall and the main door of the house is behind you, the stove is “out of command”. Place a mirror that is the width of the stove and and as tall as the tallest person in the house (do not let the edge of the mirror fall below the top of the head). If this is not possible, place a convex mirror (has a 160 degree view) instead.

In the Bagua, the Family sector of the house represents friendship. If a bathroom is in the Family gua, the energy of the home leaves through the drain in the house. It can place a drain on family relationships. Mount a 3″ round mirror on the ceiling over the toilet to lift the Ch’i. Visualize the family and friends who have “gone down the toilet” in your life, are lifted up again.

If someone living above you is jealous of you, place a small round mirror on the ceiling above you. You want to see the mirrored side. If they live below you, place a small round mirror on the floor beneath you. You want to see the mirrored side. This adjustment provides the means for your ch’i to communicate with the jealous person’s chi. It is a way to restore harmony. If jealousy surrounds you, both above and below, the mirrors do not need to be directly aligned. The ch’i will flow despite that they do not line up.

Do one good deed a day for 27 days to improve your luck or 9 good deeds a day for nine days.

In the depth of our souls,
A shining sun glows.
–Advent Verse

Keep The Days Merry And Bright Winter Offering
Introducing to you on this Winter Solstice day an offering. From now through February 28, 2018, if you schedule a residential Feng Shui consultation by that date and complete the consultation by April 28, 2018, you will receive $25 off of your consultation fee. This applies to new clients or new residence to former clients. Onsite consults only.

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Up Seat Down Seat: Save Your Money From Going Down the Toilet!

Privy, lavatory, throne, potty, can, john. The 2 1/2 baths that provide convenience is a hot spot that robs your health and money, and your life just may be going down the toilet. Moving gray water away from the home is a necessary, sanitary, modern-day comfort. But the toilet’s drain also pulls energy out of the house. In the Feng Shui metaphor its location determines the types of loss (financial, health, bad luck, lack of concentration, missed opportunities) you experience in your personal life. If you’ve been devastated by illness and are running up medical bills or just experiencing unexpected expenses, there is a silver lining to your story. Combat the brown rim by familiarizing yourself with the following energetic principles then implement the Feng Shui cures provided to restore what has been lost.

Derivedfrom ancient Chinese divination, the Ba-gua (eight sided template of life) is used to determined patterns in a home. Translated from Chinese “Ba” means “eight” and “gua means “trigram”. Before a consultation the Ba-gua is superimposed onto the floor plan of the home and the life situations are interpreted in relationship to the shape of the house. There are eight: career, self-knowledge, family, wealth, fame/reputation, partnership, children, helpful people with health in the center. A life situation is interchangeable with the word, gua and it has a three fold significance. It represents a meaningful postion in the octagon; it is symbolic of an influential life situation and  it correlates to a physical location in your home. The rooms of the house–living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, stairs, bathroom–now take on the individual meaning of each gua and this creates an underlying significance in your life. For example a living room might be located in the Helpful People (people who bring you money) corner or the Master bathroom might be situated in the Wealth gua (draining your wealth). For one area it might be boon, in another area a detriment. 

The bathroom placement affects all the guas; the following are the worst: (check your home to see if there is a match)

  1. Center of the house. It depletes all the eight guas, draining finances and resources. Poor health may plague everyone in the home.
  2. Wealth Gua (located in the back left corner of the house). All good fortune, good luck and Ch’i leave the house via the drain. 
  3. Helpful Gua (located in the front right conner of the house). Loss of Helpful People who bring you money, pay you money for the work you perform and aid you with your career.
  4. Children Gua (located in the middle right side of the house). Children are drained of their vitality which leads to being sick often. They may be distracted and cannot focus on their studies thus doing poorly in school. 

The toilet/bathroom in relationship to another design feature can cause health crises and financial loss. Do you recognize one of these situations?

  1. A bed and toilet that are back to back (with only a wall between) can cause sickness in the head, even a brain tumor. Money can be flushed away. It can be difficult for a child to concentrate, losing time from studies.
  2. Toilet over the bed will cause health problems
  3. Bedroom facing a bathroom can cause stomach ailments.
  4. Bathroom over the front entry will bring bad luck to the entire family living at home. It can lead to scoundrels and legal trouble. 
  5. Bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. A bathroom is symbolic of a family’s expenses and the kitchen is symbolic of a family’s wealth. Money will drain away in this scenario.

The toilet seat down is a general cure but there are stronger adjustments to correct an offending bathroom that depletes the energy in a gua. Where possible hang a full length mirror on the front of the bathroom door. It will take on the image of whatever is opposite from it (the mirror) and the bathroom is no longer present. Even if the bathroom door is open the adjustment continues to work. “Sealing the Drains” is an excellent ceremony if you do not want or cannot hang mirrors in your bathrooms. If one of these doesn’t work for you, contact me.

Just as you would remodel your kitchen or paint your bedroom, Feng Shui is home improvement that nourishes the spirit of your place. Listen to your home and let it inform you how you can enliven it with changes that will put $$$ in your pocket and enrich your life.

One thing I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my class and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.