Secrets That Maximize The Great American Eclipse

“Success is meeting every challenge from your calm center within. Seek strength and guidance intuitively in your inner self.”
– Swami Kriyananda

In less than five days a breathtaking, bucket list eclipse will darken the skies of midland America with millions flocking to watch. Concurrently completely weird anomalies will happen as a result. Stars and planets will be viewable in the middle of the day; a 360 degree sunset will be visible around the moon; corona rainbows are likely to appear. With the change in light, the temperature will plummet. Birds will think it is dusk and begin their evening song. Roosters will start crowing when the sun reappears. With this confusion in time and space as day turns to night, how might you maximize your experience when the sun drops out of sight?

Many ancient cultures believed eclipses were a bad omen. In China, they thought a celestial dragon was eating the sun. The Greek word ekleipsis from which eclipse is derived, means abandonment. In India, food is considered tainted during an eclipse. Fasting is observed before and after. Maybe the ancients were on to an important concept, that it is a vulnerable time on this third rock from the sun and it is better to be mindful than frivolous.

Contrary to what scientist and astronomers purport, that eclipses do not have an effect on human behavior and health, a celestial event such as a solar or lunar eclipse can affect you physically, emotionally and intellectually. And yet it has the potential to amplify your emotional intelligence, mental expansion and spiritual cultivation. Yogis and spiritual masters use it as an opportunity to retreat indoors and perform pujas. It is an excellent time to cultivate a spiritual practice if you do not already have one. If you have decided to sit (literally) out the Great American Eclipse, here are action steps you can take to minimize the effects of the solar eclipse and maximize your experience.

The electromagnetic fields of animals and humans lowered during an eclipse, thus inhibiting concentration and focus.
Don’t look at the eclipse.
Don’t engage in day to day activities.
Don’t make important decisions.
Don’t initiate important projects.
Don’t eat food 12 hours before. Specifically do not eat or drink water during the eclipse.

An eclipse is a powerful time to accelerate your spiritual development. The pituitary and pineal glands become rewired. The cosmic channels are open and spiritual practice allows you to receive downloads that will increase your awareness.
Do set your intention of exploring your spiritual essence.
Do take an orange peel bath to cleanse your auric field prior to the start of the eclipse.
Do chant mantras (Om Mani Padme Hum, Gate, Gate…).
Do meditate.
Do perform yoga or qigong.
Do journal or creative writing.

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