Remembering Mother And A Moment of Love

“We are born of love, love is our mother.”

At what moment did your mom endow you with grace? For me I was in 7th grade. My skirt zipper broke and as my skirt made its descent to the floor, up rose the color in my face. I called Mom to help me. She came with love and safety pens. Presentable again, I kissed her and said how much it meant to me. Though the safety pens eased me into my skirt, it was her coming to my rescue that eased my distress. Feeling loved and in tact, I walked back into the class room with my head held high. At the end of her life she reminded me of this story. I was so touched that this awkward moment for me had such a profound effect on her, it took my breath away. She said with a smile of endearment, “It felt good to help you, darling.” It was a special moment for her, in the school bathroom helping her daughter.

Motheris the essence of love. It was through her openness, patience, yielding and responsiveness that you were conceived. In the nine months that her belly grew round and large so did her dream of you. These same qualities shape the womb of your dreams. They are the pre-requisites that direct your intuition and inspiration to influence outward events, allowing synchronicity to validate your pathway. Mother is there when you make your first sandcastle, write your essay and paint your watercolor. In adulthood it is the memory of this love that could help you dare to do all sorts of things.

Motherin the home is in the far right corner of your house. In the I-Ching it is called K’un. The English translation is The Receptive. In the Bagua this area represents Relationship. If you desire a fulfilling connection with your mother or sisters; wish to build a container of good health for your organs or find a partner, then initiate change in this yielding place. A sacred object here reflects both stillness (yin) and the creative (yang). The complement of energies will birth your dreams.

Mother–lover, creator, nurturer–is the model for all of your relationships. Honor her struggles, forgive her transgressions, appreciate she did the best that she could, understand she gave you what time she had and you will find the world an easier place to live. Be receptive to these ideas like the moon that reflects the sun, and you will move forward with a new sense of ease and power.

Because your Mother is generally the first one to come to your rescue, I want to share this cure with you.
Worried About Someone Cure
When we love someone they are in our thoughts, we want to see them happy, protected and free. Mothers, in particular, have concern for their children. If your child is planning his or her first sleep over with a friend, if they are away at college or married with their own children, you may wonder if they are doing alright. There may be something more serious like an illness or your child expresses they aren’t adjusting to their situation. Whatever their age, relationship or situation, there is something you can do be ease your mind and help. Using this cure, you can hold the person in your heart and see him or her well, strong, safe and protected. You are binding auspicious ch’i to their body.

Red ribbon (or thread), 6”, 9” or 18”; Scissors

Place the ribbon under your mattress for nine nights. On the tenth day, cut the ribbon in half. Give one half to the person about whom you are worried. If necessary mail it and tell them what you are doing. However, they do not have to know about the cure. You can sew the ribbon into a piece of clothing that you send as a gift, or simply wrap the gift with the ribbon. Remember, your intention needs to be pure if you make this decision on your own. The person must simply accept the ribbon (even if he or she does not know about the cure). If the person does know, he or she may be willing to place it under the pillow or mattress, or carry it all the time. Place the second half of the ribbon either under your pillow or your mattress, or carry it with you all the time. Reinforce with a prayer of intention visualize their protection and safety. If you feel a moment of worry, take the ribbon out and wrap it around the finger that is associated with the person about whom you are concerned.

Some examples: If you are worried about your child who is away at school, wrap the ribbon around your little finger. Loosen it, and wrap it again around the little finger. Do this for a total of nine times. Visualize your child safe and well. If you are worried about your husband, wrap the ribbon around your ring finger then loosen and wrap eight more times for a total of nine times. Visualize him safe and well, and perhaps thinking of you. If you are worried about your mother, wrap the ribbon around your thumb, and repeat the process outlined above.

 Happy Mother’s Day! 

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Closing The Gap On Joy.

“If you make joy your goal, you are eternally joyful.” – Abraham 

Do you love treasure hunts? Here is a pretty special one about Joy that I am excited to share with you and I think you’ll be excited too. I was searching the internet and came across Abraham and Ester Hicks. Their work is well known but up to now it had been in the background for me. I found one of their Q&A videos. I clicked. Flashes of truth appeared on the screen. Brilliant like a diamond, the talk encapsulated this phrase, “our reason for being is joy”. This time it really came home (literally)! Now at my house, Joy and Happiness have come to play and I am having the most delicious time. Joy is open, receptive, expanding and allowing. Happiness embraces “Yes!” Like Botticelli’s Venus, her presence uplifts. But it is not her emergence from the sea of emotions but from the senses that makes her presence most felt. I recalled H.H. “Professor” Lin’s immortal teaching, “We have 100 hundred senses in our body and Feng Shui helps us to open up to them.” Another piece of the Feng Shui puzzle landed in its rightful place–live your highest potential when you create mirror-like resonance between your senses, space, Feng Shui and Joy. 

Closing the gap. Abraham shares we will always be in a place of wanting. It is our inherent nature. It creates a life of expansion. Our part is to experience joy by matching our energy vibration to the things we want to experience. How do we close the gap? First admit the wanting creates anxiety. You ruminate and worry, “I want it but will I get it? I don’t have it yet but I want it…” relax into the dance until it manifests. But if you cannot and your thoughts are in a spin, know it will create resistance and push your desire away. Quelling your anxiety to receive what you want can be supported when you create a Feng Shui umbrella over your home. Where there is a blocking wall at the front door (limitations), create space with a mirror. Where there is a stairway in the middle of the house, (fluctuating health and finances) lift the Ch’i with a wind chime. Feeling good is the path to your desires. When you take your difficult design details out of the anxiety equation, you are poised to send laser-like focus to what you truly desire and care about and this has joyful side effects.

One more word. Well being flows from Joy and visa versa. A home where the Ch’i has been adjusted expands awareness, creates calm and supports your well being. The interconnectedness of well being, Joy and Feng Shui shine through a beautiful home that delights your senses. What more could you ask for than living in an oasis for Joy to expand.

But if Joy evades you.  Though I would love for you to feel Joy, there may come a time when you don’t quite know how to resolve a problem or you are overwhelmed by a crisis. Go to the Center (of your home). The eight trigrams of the Bagua were created as a representation of the thousands of things in the universe. However they cannot manage to cover everything. So, what is not covered, is in the center. Go there to find what you cannot find anywhere else. If, for example, you are having an issue with your oldest daughter and your not quite certain whether to place an adjustment in Tui (Children) gua or Hsun (Wealth) gua which represents the oldest daughter, remember the following: If you are not sure about the appropriate gua, or if you want to be “totally covered”, adjust the center as well. If something cannot be resolved, the t’ai ch’i also faces outward to all the trigrams. In this way you may find the answer. Herein lies the poetry of Feng Shui and the effectiveness of its wisdom will get you through. 

Happy Treasure Hunting!  

What I have discovered about our homes is that creating a heart healthy space leads to peace and contentment. The bedroom is where it begins. Start with my complimentary pdf: 27 Bedroom Concepts To Maximize Your Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind. Design your space to your best advantage. Subscribe to my blog and special offers. You’ll receive this valuable Feng Shui Guide as a thank you gift.