What to expect.
Dial 503-232-2543 for your complimentary call.

What do you wish to gain from a consultation? From the initial complimentary telephone or email discussion, I will customize and design our meeting to address your goals, questions and areas that you have identified that are causing an issue. On average a 2,000 sq. ft home takes three hours. The consult starts with a preliminary off site review of the layout and information you provide. I draw the Ba-gua (eight sided octagon) onto your lot and floor plan. Next step is an on-site tour of your home. This is generally two hours unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. I want you to have the opportunity to ask questions from the consult so I include a half hour for questions which includes resources I need to share via email. This applies to residence, home office or office consultations. An additional fee applies to written assessments. If you are considering interior design, remodel or new construction, I recommend a series of site consultations for your pecific needs.

We’ll create an extraordinary experience together: smooth out what isn’t working, build Ch’i and create an inspired make over. I may suggest a ceremony to calm the earth energies or a meditation or method for you personally to perform for your Ch’i cultivation and as part of your consultation assessment. My rate is $125 an hour with a minimum two hours on site plus preliminary review of your floor plan prior to arriving at your home and half hour email follow up. Email or call me to discuss the fee for your consultation. 

Packet of information emailed prior:
• Description of BSTB school of Feng Shui.
• Red envelope tradition explanation.
• Self assessment sheet–goals for Feng Shui consultation.
• Layout of home or office on 8.5 x 11 on the property. On a separate 8.5 x 11 sheet – interior layout of the home:  indicate the front door, back door, the placement of the desk, stove, master bed.
• Predecessor history.
• Description of the property or building: what needs repair, leaks, energetic issues.

When information from the BSTB tradition is shared, H.H. Lin Yun, asks that we request Red Envelopes, in increments of nine. See the Red Envelope page.