Foods of Good Fortune
Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Water Snake, 2013.


Greg Friedman, KX935FM, Inner Journey
Anthology Review” Publishers, Barbara Schiffman and Deborah Brown, plus four contributing authors, talk about Recipes For Living Coloring Journal. I share my personal story how Feng Shui came in to my life and tips from my chapter, Feng Shui Bedroom Design For Peace and Harmony. June 2017

Kimberly Banks The Power of You,
Understanding Powerlessness”.
There is an ultimate strength that you find in yourself when you come face to face with powerlessness. Is it surrendering to control or knowing there are not one but several realities to choose? In depth questions weave a rich conversation about the natural world and feng shui to align with your true purpose. Understanding Powerlessness

“Around the House” News Radio 101FM KXL
Guest, September 2009


“Creativity and Feng Shui”, Natural Awakenings, April 2006

“Living in the Garden of Love.” Portland Bride and Groom, Spring 2003


NBCNews Better “16 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep Without Popping Pills”
Contributing sleep expert
Lack of sleep has become a major health problem according to the Center for Disease Control.
I am one of 16 sleep experts that speak about reclaiming your sleep. I share how bed placement calms the amygdala (fight or flight response) and rejuvenates the mind and body. Discover what the other 15 are saying.

Green Is The New Blue” Prosource Wholesale, April 2017
Contributing design expert.
Panetone’s Color of the Year for 2017, Greenery, is “nature’s neutral.” The yellow-green hue symbolizes new beginnings and reminds homeowners to “take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.”
“I recommend green quite often,” says Bette Steflik, a certified Feng Shui consultant, space guru, and artist. It is associated with springtime, a fresh start, vitality, and hope.” She explains that green, as a color that’s prevalent in nature, influences a homeowner’s inner state and provides hope and new beginnings.

“Need a Boost in Business? Feng Shui Your Office.” The Network Journal, April 2012
Contributing design expert. 

Clutter Madness, The Deeper Truth, October 2011
Featured design expert.
What Clutter Reveals
” Feature article written by Erin Donley, Marketing Your Truth. When Erin emailed and said she wanted an interview for the New Renaissance Bookstore newsletter I was so excited. It felt good to be recognized. She brings her personal history to a sensitive subject and shares keen insights of how this has a long range effect.