Three Secrets to Relationship Happiness

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4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Join us for a free teleseminar as host, Robin Hart, NWHLI, interviews Bette Steflik, Shen Men Feng Shui

Is your heart open but the words between you and your partner don’t connect? Is love faltering because you don’t feel heard? Conscious design can break through barriers and open love to smooth communication. Bette Steflik will share three secrets that will give you a second chance at creating happiness in your relationships. She’ll share 30 minutes of Feng Shui wisdom for the bedroom to help you change how you feel when you change your place. Bonus! Learn the gift of ‘9’ and its significance to power your intention and create the life you want.

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Three Secrets To
Relationship Happiness!
Empower Your Heart Through Conscious Design