9 Feng Shui Office Secrets That Balance Logic To Feeling.

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Work environments focus on one reality–to get tasks accomplished. But what is essential to maintaining healthy productivity is balance: physical space to mental space, logic to feeling, Yang to Yin. Yang is systems, logic, deadlines, physical space and tangible results. Yin is feelings, intention, mental space, imagination and the intangible. When expectations are founded on a manifesto of deadlines, unhappiness and dissatisfaction predominate then productivity goes down. Balance the Yang to Yin, logic to feeling and you’ll dissolve busyness, filler steps and distractions. What will emerge is a natural system of productivity and efficiency. 

  1. Yang: position. Your desk is the seat of your power. Don’t diminish your concentration with interruptions. Turn your desk so you can see who is coming into your office. Or place a mirror opposite where you sit at the desk. Form a habit of smiling into the mirror. Ultimately it will increase your happiness quotient. Yin: perspective. Create a daily mantra that reminds you of your life purpose. Say it nine times before arriving at the office, express it with gratitude. It adds zest to your outlook.
  2. Yang: commanding view! Your office door is an important entry. The best position for your office desk is in the furthest opposite corner or wall from the door. You are perceived as having more authority. Yin: this placement builds confidence and self control. It favors a relax approach and open minded communication among your co-workers and with your boss.
  3. Yang: change a mediocre workspace into a dynamic, energizing room with quality lighting. It activates your endorphins and bolsters your mood. Add a LED lamp next to you. The spotlight creates attention getting results. Yin: the warmth of the sun is a life giving presence. Mirror its generosity, perform a kind deed. Kindness generates the same feeling as abundance.
  4. Yang: invite Nature’s vitality in. A plant’s life force increases your brain power to help you complete your tasks. Place a lush green plant with rounded leaves on the desk if it’s close to the door or in line of the door. It creates a friendly boundary plus it reminds you to breathe. Yin: make time after work for a Forest BathShinrin-yoku. Its a short, leisure walk through the woods for relaxation and breathing in phytoncides (wood essential oils). The Japanese regard this as natural aromatherapy and it promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Yang: six inch solution: if you bang your chair against the wall when you back up from your desk you are creating the scenario “there is no way to turn a situation around.” Your mind goes directly to feeling “blocked in”. Move your desk away from the wall at least six inches. Your focus smooths out and problem solving becomes easier. Yin: unblock your thoughts with meditation and function at your highest operating state. It produces calm and you may avoid amygdala (the part of the brain that controls response and empathy) hijacking. 
  6. Yang: a difficult economy produces daily anxiety. Red has a stabilizing effect on the eyes which are connected to your heart. Place a red object in the area directly across from the entrance to your office. A side note: red, symbolic of happiness, is a colorful antidote to anxiety. Yin: get away from the computer every few hours. Consciously breathe: inhale-one, two, three, four; exhale-one, two, three, four. Might seem counter intuitive but actually this creates deep calm which awakens your brain. Feel recharged and ready to get back to work.
  7. Yang: periodically evaluate the items on your desk: What is unusable let go. This following detail may seem small but is seminal to your creativity. Make a space on your desk so your eyes can come to rest in that spot while you work. The spaciousness it creates can foster an innovative idea. Yin: clutter is connected to your emotions. If find you are emotional at work, first harmonize your space. This creates balance in your mind. Its much easier to sort through your files with a clear head.
  8. Yang: not getting answers to your questions and the right help, this is an opportunity for wasting time and feeling overwhelmed by frustration. The most effective solution I have seen is transcendental. Yin: stand at your office or cubicle, the far right front corner is the Helpful People area. Place with intention a poster of a beautiful place, a mentor or a world figure that you admire. Visualize Helpful People show up with frequency when you have a problem. And find opportunities to be a helpful person yourself.
  9. Yang: if you like working from the coffee shop make sure you check in at your office chair and desk periodically. Maybe Chinese superstition but don’t wait for the shoe to drop and all areas of your life spin out of control. Yin: visualize. Your imagination is stronger than your thoughts. See in your mind the steps and the end result of your project. Outside events will conspire to make your work flow more easily.

Let your office space mirror the dynamic energy of the universe. A Yin-Yang setting brings ease in inspiration, workable ideas and deep satisfaction with your achievements.


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