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“The Year of the Horse” is “The Year of the Heart”. It is an act of faith kind of year. A year to move from head centered decisions to heart centered action, to wildly embrace creativity and make outrageous choices, especially when there isn’t a formula for the outcome. It’s time to move. Find your rhythm and dance. The only way you can stake a bigger claim for your dreams is to let your intuition take the reins of your life. Yes, a little scary, but believe me it will bring fulfillment.

I want to share a brief review of the last two years because it’s important in talking about a course of action. The Water element shaped our intellect to hold the idea of an underground river where you could sit by the water’s edge and reflect. It was a golden opportunity to balance activities in the world and time to be alone in deep listening. Those who did, emerged from this phase a bit wiser and with an expanded consciousness to embrace energy conservation, personal and the planet’s. This preparatory stage provided the means to access a hidden reserve. To recognize burn out before it happened. And to step back into solitude to charge our batteries, either with walking in Nature or seated meditation to reconnect to intuition. Because the Wood element is riding on top of the Horse, things are going to heat up and speed up, for this action oriented year and you will need to have practiced balance or learn it quickly. 

In the Five Element constructive cycle, Wood feeds Fire but in this arrangement Fire is sitting below. Scenario: Wood being consumed readily by the hungry flames of Fire. This might bring explosive opportunities, countries going to war (911 happened in a Horse year) and for you personally a fire being lit underneath you if you’ve been procrastinating these past two years. 

Wood sitting on top is inflexible. That will be our greatest challenge. But this is the year of the shift. Human evolution is dependent on this cycle–and we’re set with the task to move our seat of consciousness to where it belongs–in the heart, the place of noble, intuitive action where love reigns unconditionally. Inflexibility is just one example of the intractable, head centered, eccentric realities we have lived, fought about and have destroyed large tracts of the planet over. Win-win takes practice. Practice patience, practice caution, practice flexibility whenever confronted with a tall tree of resistance. In a moment of conflict, you can swallow your saliva three times. This qigong method has the ability to prevent an argument because it gives you time to think about your response. (You can find the remaining four methods in my article, “Yes, But!” Living Feng Shui Magazine. These methods address inflexibility and encourage thoughtfulness in a natural way.). Cultivating a Yin Yang balance replaces an aggressive attitude with compassion which could save a dear friendship, loving marriage or one’s beloved country.

Wood atop fire is a “symbol of optimism and enthusiasm for new innovations and progress”. We’ve come a long way since the the first color TV was manufactured by RCA. You may hold the key to inventing a life style change that could influence millions or discover a break through in social communication. Don’t hold yourself back from thinking you are limited in your potential to affect the world.

The last Wood Horse year was 1954. Rock and Roll became popular. If you are struggling with your feelings, feeling stuck or can’t feel your body, untangle your thoughts with a tango lesson, go contra dancing or salsa under the stars. Connecting to your body integrates all the centers: head, heart and tan’tien. These three cauldrons are ready to cook, serve and deliver what you need. Place your hands over  your heart and see how you feel. You’ve brought your mind and body into coherence. Now watch how your life moves.

On a health note be mindful of blood circulation and inflammation. Because Horse is clashing with the Rat which represents the Kidneys and our immune system, there may be more chances of virus attacks. Supplements can help and forms of exercise like qigong and yoga. Examine your diet, add fish rich in Omega 3 or add fish oil like Omega 3 oil, vitamin C and vitamin E to check cholesterol plus balance the excess fire which is heating up the kidneys (Raymond Lo).

Horses have a superior intuition, they are physically powerful and they love to play. What an aesthetic balance of opposites and beautiful image to hold as we dance through the year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! May you experience good health, bountiful luck and many fortunate blessings this year. 

A list of a few of the ceremonies I share with clients when they request a consultation. Some are meant to be performed at the Chinese New Year, others purify a specific energy.

Welcome the Wealth Gods

Bring the Wealth Gods right into your home with this midnight tradition. Fortunate blessings, safety, protection, better health and prosperity accompany their blessings for the year to come.

The Golden Cicada Sheds Its Shell

Remove all work problems, relationship problems, all the things that are not going well in your life, health problems and bad luck. In this ceremony you are peeling them off like the shell from the egg. Your true self, your good chi can surface from the crust of life’s difficulties and you can attract what you desire with a clear heart.

Changing The Chi Of The House and Transforming The Fortunes For Individuals and Residences

Space clear and bless your home. Eliminate the residue of old patterns, negativities and resentments. It wakes up the house with fragrance and invites new beginnings and happy chi (which by its nature attracts good health, abundant wealth, fame and prosperity).

Bonus, The Scoundrel Cure

Someone giving you a hard time but you still have to relate? Change your relationship to one or several persons who bring you challenges and turn them into a helpful person. Works every time.

Bonus, Cure For Uncomfortable Fluctuations

Ceremony for when business and personal life are going up and down, up and down. If your health or finances are swinging from bad to worse.

Bonus, Sun Moon Mirror Meditation

With the power of the Universe, this mirror can offset difficult situations with the balance of the sun and moon, yin and yang. If can clear a space of inauspicious energy, add vitality to your day or strengthen a gua that already has a cure.

Secret lucky cure, The Red Slipper Cure
It can stop with the occurrence of bad luck. If you are at the end of your rope this maybe the perfect cure for you.

Three Secret Reinforcements

The main amplifying tool for any cure or adjustment in the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui. It is a ritual way of adding extra strength to any cure. It is an active blessing that combines three mystical ingredients of body, mind and speech.

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