2013: Year of the Snake

Are Diamonds Light in Gentle Rain?

The “Little Dragon’s” reign began February 10, 2013. Slithering into the sixth position on the Chinese Zodiac, snake feels the heartbeat of the earth and her movements. The snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control. They will strike quickly and powerfully, so take a watchful approach this year.

Snakes are of the fire element, but this year an aquatic snake swims into our hearts. Water sits on top of fire. Water puts out fire. However it can be viewed as a balance of yin and yang. Fire underneath Water enables you to cook your food, heat water for tea and take a warm bath. You are nourished and sustained. Or if you can take the other view that sees Water overcoming Fire, then life will appear swamped and overflowing with difficulties. Need it be? Water is about conservation. It might be time to get on the bandwagon of moderation and focus on what is essential. Take the attitude that you can work with the hand you are dealt and see what beauty and grace you personally shape. The image is like gentle rain. Practice tolerance, patience and flexibility. The year will bring intelligent and innovative ideas. Plus big surprises because that is the way Snake is–secretive, mysterious and unpredictable. Water is also about listening. If you take this information and cultivate the part of you that is gentle, patient and flexible, then just maybe big ideas will come to you. If you listen, you might hear what the world has been waiting for. If that seems cryptic, Snake is saying reality is mysterious. To live in the practical world you must occasionally strike deep into your own unknown to recover the diamonds that are meant only for you.

If the skies look gray.
Like the weather forecast, the yearly astrological calendar blows in energy patterns to help us grow. However there are an umbrella of methods to weather the storms. If you want to improve your luck and circumstances.
1) Develop flexibility.
2) If things are rocky, just allow.
3) There will be good times too, enjoy them to the fullest.
4) Your beliefs will be challenged.
5) If you have a daily Ch’i building practice and you mediate, that will bring relief. If not consider creating one.
6) Do not miss an opportunity to do good deeds daily. They build life force and are an antidote to the economic downturn.
6) Place Feng Shui adjustments in your home to protect your energy and support your life’s work.
7) Consider this time an opportunity to create karmic blessings. What you do today is the blueprint for tomorrow.